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“Maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. Maybe it’s just the opportunities we’re given, and what we do with them. I’m beginning to think that maybe great, epic romances don’t just happen. We have to make them ourselves.”
Marissa Meyer, Cress

And we are continuing on our journey in to the marvelous world that is the Lunar Chronicles! Welcome to Day 3.

So I am actually really excited to talk about this novel. I ended up liking this book a lot more than I liked Scarlet, AND HERE IS WHY.

We are introduced to Cress in the first novel, when she is assisting Cinder towards the end of the book right before the Ball. When we finally catch up with her in the beginning of Cress, the novel, we find that she is actually living in isolation in a satellite.

I won’t go too in to details about the plot, don’t want to give too much away now.

We begin the novel from Cress’ point of view, much like how we begin from Scarlet’s point of view in the previous novel. Here’s the difference between starting out from Scarlet’s POV and Cress’ POV.

With Scarlet, it takes the entirety of the novel for the characters to finally meet each other, and we read from Scarlet’s point of view without much mention of the other characters in the story for a while. In Cress, we meet the other characters almost immediately and the action begins from there.

That actually continues throughout the majority of the novel here. This third book in the series is absolutely filled with constant action and twists, the poor characters hardly ever have a chance to recover.

(For those of you who have read this book, know that I was hit with ALL THE FEELS when it came to Wolf and Scarlet. They are my ultimate OTP, #alphadogs forever!)

 I actually genuinely enjoyed the amount of action that took place in this novel. Some people may have thought that it was a little too fast paced, but in my opinion with the tension finally breaking between Levana and Kai and generally the other world leaders, this was a perfect way to infuse that tension and knowledge that something has to be done soon.

When it came to characters, I did enjoy reading from Cress’ point of view, I thought her general optimism, intelligence, and gentler world view was a nice addition to the group of snarky, broody, witty individuals. However, it did take me a while to kind od understand why she was so important to the story, except to have someone other than Iko who was capable of accomplishing the internet tech savvy role.

Speaking of Iko, can I just say how much I adore her? She is seriously the best.

Cress and Thorne also have a really interesting love dynamic, and I am genuinely excited to see how Meyer handles that in her final novel.

“Do you think it was destiny that brought us together?”
He squinted and, after a thoughtful moment, shook his head. “No. I’m pretty sure it was Cinder.”
Marissa Meyer, Cress

I’ll save my ponderings on them together (LITERALLY SPACE PIRATE AND PRINCESS VERSION OF FLYNN RIDER AND RAPUNZEL), in my next entry.

Thanks for reading guys!


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