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“Given a choice between life and death, choose life. Given a choice between right and wrong, choose what’s right. And given a choice between a terrible truth and a beautiful lie, choose the truth every time.”
Mira Grant, Blackout

And so, we have reached the end of the Newsflesh Trilogy.

The review for this book has MAJOR spoilers, so proceed with caution!

Let’s get started.

Blackout begins from the perspective of recently resurrected Georgia, who, it turns out, is actually a clone. The miracles of science.

She is one of the many versions of herself whom has been created as an experiment, and is the closest match to the “original” Georgia. As such, the CDC who are actually really creepy and unsurprisingly corrupt, wish to use her success as a way to fund more corporate sponsorship.

Combine this with their ongoing hunt to silence the other Mason sibling and their general attempt to control all major powers in the world as well as attempting to weaponize the virus that turned the world in to zombies, they make some pretty strong enemies to go up against.

Shaun, still unaware that his sister has been resurrected, is setting up for a final battle, a way to release the news to the public exactly how corrupted the government has become.

It takes them a majority of the novel to actually reunite, and when they did I was actually a little bit disappointed? The author introduces a new aspect to their relationship that just seems very forced and a total surprise, which is understandably what she was going for, but still.

“I’d say it was nice knowing you, but as you’ve effectively ruined my life, it almost certainly hasn’t been.”
Mira Grant, Blackout

The reasoning behind it felt more for her sake than the readers, and the situation was only explained with maybe two pages before never being really addressed or discussed again.

But, in all honesty I have to say I was a little bit disappointed? The actual ending was great, and all the action that lead up to it, but just certain parts lacked the quality I had come to expect from this series.

Also, SO MANY FEELS!!!! But, just the surprise reveal between Georgia and Shaun kind of threw me for more of a loop than I expected? And then it was never really addressed again.

But, I was satisfied with the book as a whole. I would have like to have a little more of a wrap up for the Mason siblings, but at the same time their departure was very believable and well done.

So, overall, I enjoyed reading the book for the most part! It was a good read, with some slightly disappointing moments.

“Words have power.”
Mira Grant, Blackout


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