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“War stuttered, repeated its sentences, forgot its lessons, over and over.”
Alan DeNiro, Total Oblivion, More or Less

This was a book recommended to me by a friend, who believed that it deserved more attention than it received and honestly I think I would have to agree!

The premise itself was really interesting. The world ends seemingly overnight, when a Viking like civilization appears out of nowhere with the capability to combat all technology and make it useless. Meanwhile, sixteen year old Macy and her family are forced to flee as refugees, all the while plague, ancient civilizations, and talking animals are running rampant.

“She probably thought I was making a dumb joke, but sometimes history sounded like a dumb joke. History was either a dumb joke or a cruel joke.”
Alan DeNiro, Total Oblivion, More or Less

So this book was something that I enjoyed reading, but I can tell how it has to be for a very certain type of person. The writing style is very different in the sense that there is nothing really separating the dialogue from the inner thoughts of the characters.

The characters themselves are flawed, cowardly, selfish, rude. They are human beings trying to survive in ridiculous, apocalyptic situations while still maintaining some kind of familial bonds. Overall, they aren’t characters that naturally we would want to read from, but they’re real.

The one thing that I wish would have happened, is that there isn’t really any kind of explanation for what happened and why the apocalypse was even caused in the first place. Or how the plague is spread, or how the Viking civilization even came to their world.

But, overall, it was a very interesting read. Something that I would have never guessed to pick out for myself, and so I’m glad that it was recommended to me.

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“Because you have to roll with the punches, the good and the bad. You have to keep moving forward. It’s like the river – even after all the crazy things that have happened, the river’s not running backwards anytime soon.”
Alan DeNiro, Total Oblivion, More or Less



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