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And my first gift book has been received!

This book was sent to me by one of the kindest people I have spoken to over the GoodReads site, author P.J Ferguson. He reached out to me about a month ago and offered to send me copies of his recent releases and I, being the book lover that I am, eagerly accepted.

I am so glad that I did!

Joe Williams is an ordinary man with an ordinary life, in a strained marriage with two kids, working at the same job. However, his ordinary life drastically changes the day that his nine year old son Sean goes missing.

This book follows the journey of a man as he struggles with grief, loss, and the decisions that lead him to this point in his life. While he faces his personal demons, we journey along with him as he recognizes what it truly means to be a father, and the oftentimes painful lessons of love.

I thought that for a first time author, this book was really good. I enjoyed reading it, there were definitely enough characters to keep my attention the entire time, and I genuinely thought that it was really interesting to read how the main character, Joe, really developed as the action of the story did.

The plot took a little bit to get established, but once the tragedy struck then it just really picked up and it was impossible to put down! I think that one of my favorite scenes included in the novel was the one in the last chapter before the ending, it was beautifully written and so well done. I genuinely thought that it was the greatest possible way for the novel to finish.

There were a few parts that seemed just a little bit unbelievable, or that I would have liked to see more of (the main antagonist, mostly). There was an element of supernaturalism that I would have LOVED to see more of, but overall I really, really enjoyed reading this novel. Definitely one of the most memorable of my week so far, and I can’t wait to begin another one of his novels soon!

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