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I feel like at this point everyone knows about my addiction to all things Alice in Wonderland related.

My wonderful friend was kind enough to give me his illustrated copy of this book to read and I have honestly fallen in love with it.

It’s the first draft of the story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and I genuinely enjoyed it. It actually reminded me a lot more of the animated Disney movie and read very much as a children’s book to me. More than the final copy of Alice in Wonderland, anyway.

What genuinely made this book amazing to read was the illustrations that accompanied it. Every few pages, artist Charles Santore shows the reader an in depth image of the scenes of the book, which are both realistic and filled with the imagination that truly captures the world of what is to be known as Wonderland.

There are some key characters missing, the Mad Hatter and his mad tea party guests for one, but the story reads well enough without them even though they are easily my favorite.

Just, honestly? If you are a fan of amazing books, fantastic illustrations, and just happiness in general then please pick up a copy of Alice’s Adventures Underground. Even if it’s just to use as decoration, I can promise you it will be a fantastic investment.

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