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2 A.M At the Cat’s Pajamas-REVIEW

I am doing this review on my phone because my laptop is refusing to cooperate, so bear with me! 

I have to say that I have easily found my new favorite book of the week. I LOVED THIS BOOK. 

The name alone was enough to catch my attention, and I’m so grateful that I was sent this book to review!

This book is told from multiple perspectives, of all different ages, genders, races, and even different animals. All of these characters lives lead to one moment when they all encounter each other at the old time jazz bar known as The Cat’s Pajamas. 

The story itself feels like a jazz song, swelling in all the right moments and with that heavy bass in others. 

I absolutely could not get enough of it. 

There were times where all of the different perspectives were disconcerting, but ultimately it really worked in the books favor. 

I cannot get enough of this book and am definitely looking forward to future publishings by this author 


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