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The Day The Falls Stood Still. 

What to say about this book.

This book starts up in the point of view of sixteen year old Bess, who is the daughter of the former directer of the Niagara Falls power company. She is forced to come home from school, and has to learn to live without the comforts of her normal lifestyle. She also meets Tom, the grandson of a famous local fisherman who knew almost everything about the river in their town. After meeting him, she realizes that everything in her life is not as it seems, and must grow in to her newfound independence and love.

So, ultimately? This is a book that has a very, very slow burn. It is split in to two different “books”, one that focuses on Bess and her life while she is falling in love with Tom, and one after they begin their life together.

There really isn’t a forward moving plot, as far as I can tell? It is definitely a book that focuses more on the lives and growth of the characters than solving one big conflict. There are many small conflicts, and in the end you can see how much Bess’s character has grown and changed throughout the course of the novel.

Overall, the entire book is really well written, but the plot is very slow paced, and mostly focuses on the arc of the characters rather than a solid conflict or plot beyond the characters lives and relationships.


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