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This is the second book that I was sent by author P.J Ferguson to review!

I was given the wonderful suggestion to read this book while also having candles lit and let me tell you, that was spot on. It definitely set the atmosphere of the book!

Alex Balder is a middle aged man who is bitter and unhappy with how his life has turned out. Overqualified in his current job and newly divorced, he’s stuck wondering if his life was ever meant to have purpose at all. Then, he witnesses a violent crime, committed by something that could only be described as a monster, and is pulled in to this world of myths and legends, forced to learn the rules and battle those evils that walk in his world.

I really enjoyed this novel, first off.

The mythology was by far one of my favorite aspects. I went through a huge phase where I absolutely loved the TV show Supernatural, and the fact that this book was so strongly impacted by the elite class of Grigori angels was something that really caught my attention. It was also written so much differently from typical stories of angels, which was something else that I truly enjoyed. It wasn’t something recycled from the many others in the genre but something new and inventive and so creatively done.

I also enjoyed reading Alex’s transformation as he continued his path in to this new world that he is introduced to, as well as his thoughtful observations he makes about things that the reader otherwise would not have noticed.

Overall, I’m really thankful that I was sent this book, and it’s definitely one that I would read again!



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