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What can I say about this book?

I was really nervous to pick up this book, when I looked on goodreads I saw that it was one that either people loved or people absolutely could not finish.

So when I started, I have to say that I fall in the small amount of people who are right in the middle.

The Dante Club  is a murder mystery crime novel, where a spree of killings have began in 19th century Boston. These murders are based off the different levels inspired by Dante’s Inferno. To catch the killers, a group of elite detectives is assembled to decipher the clues left behind.

I think my biggest problem was with the pacing, it took me a good sixty pages or so to get truly invested in the story, and at that point I was debating on putting it down but I just felt like it had the potential to pick up and be really interesting.

So here are some of the negative things;The climax of the book was okay, not anything to be too excited about but also not anything too disappointing. The writing got a little repetitive, and there weren’t enough clues for the reader or just situational descriptions to really get me invested in the story.

AND NOW THE POSITIVES: The writing itself, when it came to the characters and dialogue and general descriptions, was solid. There were so many instances of dry humor, which is my favorite kind. I found that despite the lack of clues or situational descriptions it was easy enough for me to maintain my interest until the end, and I absolutely LOVE the historical fiction aspect of it.

Ultimately, it was something that I enjoyed reading, because I do love mystery novels, and I really enjoyed just the general humor that was present.

There were just a few parts that I wish were different. Generally this is a solid 3/5 stars for me.



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