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This was another book that I was sent to review!

Now, I didn’t know what this book was about at all when I received it to review. One of the biggest clues was that it was a survivalist story about teenagers who are in a plane crash in the Arctic, and along with the other remaining passengers must figure out how to survive until a rescue plane can reach them. These teenagers are members of a nationally ranked chess club known as the “Knights of the Square Table”, which is just so genuinely creative that I wish I knew more about chess just so I could play on a team like that.

This is a young adult novel, something that I also didn’t know while requesting it, but I did enjoy reading it.

Each character has something valuable to bring to the situation,  whether it’s leadership, positivity, or just critical thinking skills. I found that I particularly loved the dynamic between the character Spider and the character Natalie.

In the beginning it didn’t feel like, for a plane crash at least, the characters were too worried? Most of them seemed calm and put together, mostly annoyed about their situation. That threw me for a bit and just didn’t feel so realistic, especially for the younger kids.

However, as I continued reading I was so surprised at the conflicts and mysteries that kept occurring, and really did begin to become attached to many of the characters and their personalities. This is definitely a book that makes you want to root for the protagonists, and in this case those protagonists are six very smart and very well rounded teenagers.

Overall? This was a very well written book intended for younger readers. I definitely think that it was a fun, and interesting read to have.



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