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This is the second book in the Knights of the Square Table series that I was sent to review.

Once again, I enjoyed reading this novel. It was a little bit young for my tastes, but overall it was really well written.

In the previous book, the six teenagers who survived the plane crash are now readjusting to life in the city again. After also diverting the end of the world through methods that were not necessarily legal, per se, many of them begin to miss the island that they were stranded on and wish to return. This book is a much more in depth exploration to each of the teenagers as a whole, and how to survive their current situation.

Ultimately I enjoyed this novel, I feel as if there were definitely some parts that were over exaggerated for the sake of the story, but that is also to be expected when it comes to young adult novels.

The writing was strong, and the plot moved fluidly as well with each obstacle seemingly related to the situation that the teenagers found themselves in.



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