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And this concludes the Knights of the Square Table trilogy that I was sent to review!

This is a series that I did not expect myself to get attached to, but I am very happy that I did.

The six teenagers that we have become so familiar with over the past two books are now in the thick of an international global battle for control, with different countries vying for nuclear power. It’s up to them to continue their mission of disarming the global powers and stopping nuclear war. Except, suddenly, they are beginning to realize one crucial fact; it may already be too late.

This book was such a surprising mix of dystopia and modern day realism, I was pleasantly surprised. While it does still feel like there are moments where the teenagers take things too much at face value, or are a little too calm in certain situations, the overall writing style and flow is engaging enough to ignore these small instances.

These characters are beautifully written, well flushed out and overall the plot is  filled with so many different life lessons. I enjoyed the nostalgia it gave me while reading, and it is definitely one that I would have picked up as a young reader.

It was nice to read a book that was so full of optimism, the mentality of the teenager who is convinced that they can change the world, and the support to actually do so. I had a good time finishing this series.



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