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I just.

I feel bad.

This was a book that I was sent for a review. So I have to be honest.

I almost couldn’t finish it.

The story itself?

It starts off in the Los Angeles airport, from the perspective of a woman named Thursday.

Yes. Thursday.

Thursday meets her ex boyfriend Rome(?) in the airport and immediately swoons and falls for his sexiness. Again. So much so that they actually skip their flight to have sex and then he proposes something to her that she can’t ever imagine doing.

Being in a polyamorous relationship with he and his two other girlfriends, India and Shadow.

Just. The names. I can’t.

It just…it goes downhill from there. Cheesy writing, rushed, the main character describing this fedora wearing man the same way I described my fourth grade crush.

For all the fact that I was interested in reading about this book and how the author would depict polyamorous relationships, I’m just kind of disappointed.


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