Interview: Frumious Reads

On YouTube you’ll find Frumious Reads our first guest in our Women of YouTube series nestled comfortably between two niches: book and literature reviews, and travel vloggers. Source: Interview: Frumious Reads


Which Fall Out Boy Era Are You?

Fall Out Boy first emerged in the early 2000s with a unique sound that would later be defined as the early strains of the pop-punk era. The four Chicago natives drew crowds early on due to their catchy lyrics, a mixture of deeply seated emotion and snarky humor. The band is composed of Pete Wentz… Continue reading Which Fall Out Boy Era Are You?

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EFCB: The Acronym Every Traveler Should Know

I've found that oftentimes people have an positively idealistic perspective of where and when they will conduct their travel experience. This is a common factor between people who plan both local, national and international vacations or adventures. I've also found that usually, when it comes to trips, most people prefer to plan their own than… Continue reading EFCB: The Acronym Every Traveler Should Know