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A Little Decluttering Announcement.

Hey everyone! 

So this is just going to be a little update. I’ve realized recently that I’m not really happy with how things have been kind of going lately. I’ve started making some changes, aka actually posting on here again, and I’ve decided to make some concrete announcements. 

First of all, I’m going to have a schedule. A real schedule, of posts. A real schedule of posts  that will actually  be uploaded consistently.

And that schedule is……(insert drumroll here)

  • Mondays
    • Book Mania: A mashup of announcements featuring bookish items. This will include book reviews, challenges, tags, author interviews, and book hauls/unboxings, as well as any cool bookish announcements that may come up. 
  • Wednesdays
    • “What To Read Wednesdays” will be making a comeback! Ranging from what to read if you like certain genres to certain YouTubers, this will be a biweekly series starting this Wednesday June 7th! (Hint, it has to do with a certain very popular booktuber, and you can check out the first episode here if you like watching videos, or alternatively here if you’d rather stay on WordPress)
    • Alternatively, Wednesdays will also be host to other posts, keeping up with the WWW Wednesdays that have been revived recently on the blogosphere, as well as any other “W” themed Wednesday challenges that happen! Can you tell I’m a fan of alliteration? 
  • Fridays
    • So Fridays are actually going to be my variety day. This is the day I’m going to save for vlogs, reactions, travel stories, and generally some of those ‘anything goes’ kind of posts and videos. I want to keep some stuff a little loose, and have some wiggle room with my channel and my blog. 


Alright, well if you’ve made it this far then you definitely deserve a prize. Unfortunately, the only thing I have at the moment is myself to offer (not like that, gross), so I hope that’s acceptable. 

Feel free to follow via email or WordPress, and check out my other links down below if you want to keep updated with all these brand new adventures I’m about to wander in to! 

Like always, thanks for reading guys. I’m anxiously waiting to see what lies ahead! 

Gabrielle (Frumious) 


Twitter: @frumiousreads

Instagram: @frumiousreads



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