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Fantastic Bread and How to Bake It!

Today we decided to make “Niffler Bread”. So, you know, obviously we have no idea what we are doing. The bread itself turned out absolutely DELICIOUS, but the “niffler” part of it? Not so much.

Thanks to Bryton Taylor from Food in Literature for making such a fantastic recipe!
Check out her video here:
See more recipes on her blog:

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Twitter: @pacifistpickle

1 packages dry yeast
1¼ cup warm water
120ml honey
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 eggs + 1 egg for glaze
½ tablespoon salt
5-6 cups plain flour

1. In your mixer bowl, pour in the warm water and sprinkle on the yeast.
2. Mix in the honey, oil, eggs and salt.
3. With the mixer going, add the flour, bit by bit.
4. When the dough thickens, switch to the dough hook.
5. Turn out onto a floured board and finish the kneading by hand for 1-2 minutes, so the dough is smooth and elastic.
6. Place back in bowl and cover with a clean damp cotton tea towel.
7. Leave until the dough has doubled in size, typically, 1 to 1½ hours.
8. Once risen, punch down the dough. Separate the dough into 4-6 equal sized balls.
9. Shape into an oval, and tear off a portion to use for the head.
10. Shape the body, into an egg shape, and cut 3 lines. Two for the arms, one to create legs (see image).
11. Shape into arms and legs, curling the legs up, and arms inwards.
12. Make four cuts in each hand and legs to make the five claws.
13. Use a wooden skewer to better shape the hands and feet to have a sharper claw look. Alternatively, the feet can be made separately.
14. Sit the body shape up, curving it into place, and use bottles to keep him propped up.
15. To shape the head then stretch out some of the dough to form the bill, curving the end upwards.
16. Press the head onto the body, pressing the dough together.
17. Using a wooden skewer, poke in two eyes.
18. Place onto a baking paper lined baking tray.
19. Butter the outside of some small baking containers (small ramekins, etc) and use them to prop up the niffler.
20. Beat the last egg in a small bowl, and brush all over the niffler.
21. Preheat oven to 190 degrees C, place in and bake for ~30 minutes, until golden brown. If you feel he’s browning too much, cover with aluminium foil.



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