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Characters You Love to Hate

  1. Delores Umbridge
  2. Severus Snape
  3. Pansy Parkinson
  4. Peter Pettigrew
  5. Bellatrix Lestrange

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters you love to hate Harry Potter Edition! Who truly are the absolute worst characters in the Harry Potter series that you absolutely love to hate? This actually took a lot more time than it seemed considering how many wonderful villains we get to choose from.


frumious(froo-me-us) adj- def: fuming and furious 23. Slytherin. Hey friends, my name’s Gabrielle and I talk about all things bookish, from reviews to how to make food from books and everything in between.

Bookish Videos are uploaded every Monday and Wednesday, with reaction videos thrown in other times of the week whenever something cool comes out that I want to react to!








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