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Book Review: Seahorse-Janice Pariat

Title: Seahorse Author: Janice Pariat Plot Summary: Nem was not like his college classmates. Instead of crowding around a TV set, Nem opted for lonely walks where he could indulge his passion for photography, until the night he saw Nicholas, a young professor from London, with another male student. The affair is passionate and brief.… Continue reading Book Review: Seahorse-Janice Pariat

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Weekly Reading Wrap Up+Booktuber Shoutout Watch this next! "Hello Happiness Unboxing | May 2017" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- I'm getting back in to those weekly wrap ups! Everything I read here was in the sci-fi/fantasy, adult, or young adult genre. All of the links are included below that will lead you to Goodreads. MichaelReads Channel: Latest Video: The Woods… Continue reading Weekly Reading Wrap Up+Booktuber Shoutout

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BOOK A DAY READING WRAP UP! So many books, but only one that truly stood out this time! Curiouser and curiouser! LAST VIDEO: Check out these links below to learn more about "Matowak: Woman Who Cries"! Amazon: Goodreads: Author Site: LET'S BE FRIENDS: Instagram: WordPress: Goodreads: Twitter: Tumblr:

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SO I AM SO LATE ON THIS REVIEW AND I PROMISE I HAVE REASONS AS TO WHY Okay. So I was working on a short story for the literary journal through my school, and it ended up being around twenty pages long and there was so much editing and general work that needed to be… Continue reading THE KITCHEN HOUSE-KATHLEEN GRISSOM REVIEW

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Bertha Venation: And Hundreds of Other Funny Names of Real People-Larry Ashmead

Gaaahhh! I picked up this book because it sounded so cool but I was just genuinely disappointed??? There really wasn't anything to it? It was just kind of a collection of different names and a rating of their strangeness? I genuinely wanted to laugh at this book. I wanted to think it was funny, because… Continue reading Bertha Venation: And Hundreds of Other Funny Names of Real People-Larry Ashmead

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I LOVED THIS BOOK. Okay, the way it's written? So interesting, and different, and I just genuinely enjoyed the author's tone of voice and way that each chapter is told in present time as a reflection is something I loved. The main character Matt is the protagonist who is currently in a mental hospital, and… Continue reading THE SHOCK OF THE FALL-NATHAN FILER REVIEW

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I was actually really disappointed by this book? I love Neil Gaiman, he's one of my absolute favorite authors, but this book just took me SUCH a long time to finish. The premise of this book is based off the idea that gods and other mythological creatures exist in America as long as people believe… Continue reading AMERICAN GODS-NEIL GAIMAN REVIEW

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I just. I feel bad. This was a book that I was sent for a review. So I have to be honest. I almost couldn't finish it. The story itself? It starts off in the Los Angeles airport, from the perspective of a woman named Thursday. Yes. Thursday. Thursday meets her ex boyfriend Rome(?) in… Continue reading RENEGADES-P.R PAIGE REVIEW

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I NEED A MOMENT TO EXPRESS MY THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS BOOK S;LAKDFA;SLDFJA;SLFJA?!?!?!??!?!?! IT WAS SO GOOD OMG I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PROCESS???? Okay, okay guys. I am calm. This book is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, a much darker, more complex version set in an almost modern day version of Wonderland. The majority… Continue reading ALICE-CHRISTINA HENRY REVIEW