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Book Review: Seahorse-Janice Pariat

Title: Seahorse Author: Janice Pariat Plot Summary: Nem was not like his college classmates. Instead of crowding around a TV set, Nem opted for lonely walks where he could indulge his passion for photography, until the night he saw Nicholas, a young professor from London, with another male student. The affair is passionate and brief.… Continue reading Book Review: Seahorse-Janice Pariat

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EFCB: The Acronym Every Traveler Should Know

I've found that oftentimes people have an positively idealistic perspective of where and when they will conduct their travel experience. This is a common factor between people who plan both local, national and international vacations or adventures. I've also found that usually, when it comes to trips, most people prefer to plan their own than… Continue reading EFCB: The Acronym Every Traveler Should Know