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Book Review: Seahorse-Janice Pariat

Title: Seahorse Author: Janice Pariat Plot Summary: Nem was not like his college classmates. Instead of crowding around a TV set, Nem opted for lonely walks where he could indulge his passion for photography, until the night he saw Nicholas, a young professor from London, with another male student. The affair is passionate and brief.… Continue reading Book Review: Seahorse-Janice Pariat

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Have you ever read a book that basically changed your entire opinion on something or someone? That's essentially what this book does, both literally and figuratively. Pearl and her mother, Winnie, are both keeping secrets from each other. When Winnie's lifelong friend, Helen, threatens to expose the secrets she has helped keep from her daughter, then… Continue reading THE KITCHEN GOD’S WIFE-AMY TAN REVIEW

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And my first gift book has been received! This book was sent to me by one of the kindest people I have spoken to over the GoodReads site, author P.J Ferguson. He reached out to me about a month ago and offered to send me copies of his recent releases and I, being the book… Continue reading DADDY-P.J FERGUSON REVIEW